Our Call to Action

Protect Oak Park from Pesticides and Toxic Substances

February 2016

Dear Concerned Fellow Oak Parkers,

There is a growing movement across the United States to adopt policies at the local level to reduce or prohibit pesticide use on private and public property. Numerous confirmed studies have linked pesticides to a wide range of health conditions in adults, and particularly in young children. Serious human health risks from lawn pesticide exposure include cancers, asthma, reproductive and hormone problems, neurological effects including learning disabilities, and Parkinson’s Disease. This is now broadly understood to be a community health issue.

The moral challenge of our time arises because the natural world, and all species in it, are subject to countless toxic assaults. These arise from industrial human activity on a massive scale, grounded in the use of petrochemicals and fossil fuels.

The Village of Oak Park has historically risen to moral challenges with assertive public policy and community engagement. These challenges have included non-discrimination and open housing, gun control and gay and lesbian rights. In this proud tradition, we ask residents of Oak Park, Illinois to add their names to our petition, which calls upon our Board of Trustees to take bold measures toward eliminating the use of toxic products within the borders of our village.

Click here to add your name to our petition

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Further Information:

  • 43 states, Including Illinois, preempt localities from enacting legislation to restrict pesticide use. Download State Preemption Law, a 2013 report from Beyond Pesticides.
  • Threats posed to our children. Beyond Pesticides’ web page for their Children and Schools program.
  • Efforts to reform the very weak federal Toxic Substances Control Act.
    Read this Washington Post report.

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